According to the bylaws of the corporation Swami’s is governed by a Board of Directors that is composed of between 1 and 7 directors. The directors serve without compensation and are elected every 2 years by the Board. It is typical for directors to be selected based on their dedicated and selfless service to the Swami’s club and cycling community.

The current Directors and their primary responsibilities/activities are listed below:


Meet the Directors

  • Fred Muir
    Fred Muir
  • Steve Ummel
    Chief Financial Officer
    Steve Ummel
  • Bryon Black
    Webmaster & Membership
    Bryon Black
  • Heather Bruemmer
    Heather Bruemmer
  • Troy Huerta
    Man About Town
    Troy Huerta
  • Tom Nelson
    Jr. Development Team Coach
    Tom Nelson
  • Anthony de la Fuente
    Sponsors & Sales Director
    Anthony de la Fuente


Meet the Advisors

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee
  • Matt Forsyth
    Matt Forsyth
  • Janice Huang
    Janice Huang
  • Rob Klingensmith
    Rob Klingensmith