Featured Swami — Dr. Mitch Goldman

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Dr. Mitch Goldman is our featured Guru and — Wow! — has he earned it! Not only an active club member, Mitch’s Cosmetic Laser Dermatology is a major club sponsor. Check out his recent interview in the San Diego Union Tribune and read how cycling has changed his life…

Cannondale EVO Review

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How do you define a successful bike? Is it race wins, test bench numbers or sales? Maybe it’s ride feel or even a more subjective measure – fun-per-mile. Whatever your metric, the original Cannondale SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod has to be … Continued

Five Card Studs

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On January 10th, 2016 the World Famous Swamis Poker Ride returned to the tranquil shores of Carlsbad unleashing a motley crew of cyclists hungry for barbequed flesh at the end of the journey. Swamis resident man-about-town Troy Huerta decided on … Continued

2016 Kits Unveiled

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We are Back to Blue. Thanks to our talented “new” friends at San Diego based ZOCA Gear and our old friends at Carlsbad based Sockguy here is our entire line of 2016 kits. Men’s, Women’s, and for the first time … Continued

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