Swami’s Morning Ride – C Group (Advanced Ride)

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Beginning in south Carlsbad, this classic Swami’s route starts north along the coast, then heads inland for some short climbing challenges. The coast portion of the ride is conducted as a double paceline, but does NOT rotate. The ride regroups at the end of Carlsbad Village Drive, after turning right onto College.

This ride is conducted at a Swami’s C group speed: approximately 18-22 mph on flat ground, with overall averages in the 16-18 mph range. Suggested for Team Fun Riders comfortable with the fastest Team Fun Group, or those in the front of the D group (women’s intermediate group) looking for a challenge. The route is the same each week. I suggest familiarizing yourself with the route and having it handy in case you get separated from the group. 

22 miles, 1700′

For riders who ride at the front of the C group (advanced women’s group) and are experienced with rotating pacelines, you may want to try the Swami’s B group, which is the second group to leave.

Order of rides:
Swami’s A (Pro & race pace ride) leaves at 6:30. This is one of the fastest rides around.

Swami’s B (Race/Fast paced ride) leaves shortly after around 6:32. This is probably also one of the faster rides around, but doable for experienced women (averages 18+ overall on a hilly route).

Swami’s C leaves shortly after B, around 6:33. This is a great tempo/interval workout and would be considered an advanced women’s ride.

Social: Meet at La Costa Coffee afterward for coffee with the group.

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