2016 Kits Unveiled

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We are Back to Blue.

Thanks to our talented “new” friends at San Diego based ZOCA Gear and our old friends at Carlsbad based Sockguy here is our entire line of 2016 kits. Men’s, Women’s, and for the first time ever a Swami’s Military kit for those active and retired military members.

Some other details that are noteworthy this year:

All kit items, except the gloves, are Made in the USA.

Even though we have switched manufacturers the prices have stayed the same as previous years.

Blue is the new Black. So besides going back to a predominantly Swami’s Blue Jersey for added visibility on the road, the jerseys will have reflective piping for added visibility on the road…at night.

You’ll find some “surprises” in the jersey pockets this year.

For those vertically challenged (JZ) who feel bibs were designed for basketball players, you can flip up the leg bands and the designs on the inside are a mirror image of the front so it won’t be readily apparent you have “shortened” the legs.

The vests and jackets this year are designed to compliment future kits so there will be no need to replace them each year. We finally came to grips with the fact, in San Diego, we only use our outerwear a handfull of times a season. We felt it should be economically and fashionably feasible to wear the same vest and jersey for several seasons, if needed, without feeling the wrath of the Luminary of Lycra.

Along with discounted annual membership fees, all active and retired Miltary will get their special jersey and bibs at discounted prices as well, thanks to ZOCA.

Please note the kits will go on sale soon and to guarantee your kit arrives by the first of the year you’ll need to have your order in by October 31,2015. Stay tuned for when the Swami’s/Nytro e-store is open for business.

Although the fit is similar as years past, if you are more comfortable trying these on before ordering, ZOCA will be available on 10/15 at the following locations with an entire size run of our kits:

10 am to 2 pm at Nytro.
3 pm to 7:30 pm at Hoehn Mercedes-Benz in Carlsbad

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