Swami’s Cycling Club is privileged to have these special people below to help serve in a variety of roles and capacities. Their time, talent and support help the club to not only manage the day-to-day operations, but also to bring exciting rides, events and other activities for club members to enjoy.


Meet the Key Contributors

  • Doreen Platis
    Queen of Clothing
    Doreen Platis
  • Daniel Garcia
    Social Media
    Daniel Garcia
  • Jill Theodossi
    C/D/E Ride Leader
    Jill Theodossi
  • Jihan Murad
    C/D/E Ride Leader
    Jihan Murad
  • Kim Zielinski
    C/D/E Ride Leader
    Kim Zielinski
  • Lauren Lentz
    C/D/E Ride Leader
    Lauren Lentz
  • Jennifer Rodgers-Wolgast
    C/D/E Ride Leader
    Jennifer Rodgers-Wolgast
  • Gina Sample
    C/D/E Ride Leader
    Gina Sample
  • Brielle Wacker
    C/D/E Ride Leader
    Brielle Wacker
  • Suzanne Norris
    C/D/E Ride Leader
    Suzanne Norris
  • Michell Thitathan
    C/D/E Ride Leader
    Michell Thitathan
  • Matt Sparks
    Club Advocacy Representative
    Matt Sparks
  • Krista Timberlake
    Graphic Design
    Krista Timberlake