Bicycle Safety: A Few Reminders About Swami’s Group Rides

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Now that spring has brought so many cyclists out on the roads, and our Swami’s rides have been packed, it seems like a good time for a reminder.

Firstly, at Nytro on Saturday morning; please try and keep yourselves out of the road. Complaints were filed last week! DOH!!

If you are there on Saturday, and people are spilling into the traffic lanes, then please give a friendly word to those “sticking out.”

Secondly, remember, it’s not a race, there are no prizes and if you’re winning it just means your ego is too involved!

Go and race on a closed circuit or even Troy’s not closed circuit race on Sunday! Put your safety head on for the club rides…

And remember, we’re still supposed to stop at all red lights and stop signs…regardless!

Thirdly, The City of Encinitas seems to be in a bit of a pickle with its road markings up 101 to La Costa Ave.

The striping has been changed, and perhaps it’s not finished… So here’s the deal:

When there is a bike lane, you are required by Law to ride in it. Being next to another rider who you are clearly in a group with does not allow you to decided to ride out of the bike lane. You are breaking the law by doing so.

There are several exceptions to that rule of law, but if you don’t know them, stay in the bike lane unless it’s not safe to do so. Now then, Encinitas still has its “Bikes may use full lane” signs up where there is a large bike lane.

Technically you may NOT use the full lane with there is a functional bike lane….. It’s either Sharrows, or bike lane. Not both. So just be careful and mindful of where you are and where the people following your wheel will go.

Now what does that mean through the rest of the route? Well once we’re in Hammer Time, you have the right to take the line you feel is necessary for safety, and potentially hold up traffic behind you. You become slower moving traffic, but then as such you should move out of the way and allow regular speed traffic to pass as soon as it is safe for it to do so.

So, ride your bike, be mindful of others and above all be safe.

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