Carlsbad Family Fun Race (formerly Family Fun Ride)

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Families, don’t forget that this year we have transitioned the Carlsbad Family Fun Ride into the Carlsbad Family Fun Race at the July 20, 2014 Carlsbad Grand Prix. Remember, last year we set you loose in Carlsbad Village on a Poker Ride. Lots of fun was had and prizes gathered along the way. Well, consider that training for this years event. The rules are very simple this year…

This year for the Family Fun Race, all family members are set off on a 20 minute race on the same criterium course as the amateurs and pros. For EVERY lap EACH family member does in 20 minutes they will get a raffle ticket. The more laps you do the better the odds of winning one of the Haro bikes or many other items in the raffle. So use these remaining 6 weeks to get in shape (and now that school is out take your kids along on your training rides) so you can gather the most raffle tickets as a family. Plus, the bigger your family the greater your odds as well.


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