Elevated Grand Stands at the Carlsbad Grand Prix !?!

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That’s right, The Perch and their Elevated Furniture will be at Start Finish line providing race fans a unique perspective of all the action at Carlsbad Grand Prix.

Manufactured on the Southern California coast in Encinitas, The Perch specializes in the design and manufacturing of elevated furniture and was inspired by desire to take outdoor furniture to new heights. The Perch Collection has unveiled obstructed horizons from coast to coast and is certain to improve your quality of outdoor living.

Each chair is constructed with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. In addition their cutting edge design provides maximized comfort and stability and can be upgraded with a vast array of accessories to choose from to ensure endless hours of viewing fun!

The Carlsbad Grand Prix will be the ideal place to check out the perfect Perch for your outdoor living lifestyle.

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