Here are the average speeds you can expect to see on all of rides. Keep in mind our routes contain significant elevation gain, and speeds on flats are expected to be much greater than the averages listed below.

A Group

Wednesday Worlds: 23+mph
World Famous Saturday: 20+mph
Gene Kelley T/TH: 20+mph
Hoppy Hour: Maximum effort

B Group

World Famous Saturday: 18-20mph
Gene Kelley T/TH: 18-20mph
Hoppy Hour: Maximum effort

C & D Groups

Gene Kelley T/TH: 17-18mph
Saturday*: C 16-18mph, D14-16mph
Hoppy Hour: Maximum effort

Coffee Rides

Monthly Sunday Java Ride: 14-16mph
Friday Opener: 16-18 mph
Friday Coffee Ride: 14-16mph

* speeds can vary depending on the route.

If you cannot ride safely and within your limits for the group you have chosen, please make the safe choice for everyone involved and continue on individually, or sit up and wait for the next group to come along if there is another one following the same route. If you don’t know the route, it’s always a good idea to have it downloaded to your GPS unit or have a cue sheet printed out.

Last but not Least – Come Ready to Ride

This means your bike is in good working condition and you’re prepared to be self sufficient, which includes the following:

  • Tires are appropriately inflated
  • Bar tape is in good condition, not unravelling, and bar end plugs are intact
  • Chain is in good condition (no rust)
  • Gears and brakes are working properly
  • Wheels are straight and true (no broken spokes)
  • You have all tools and parts necessary to change a flat tire while out on the ride (tube, air, tire levers, etc.)