3rd Saturday Surprise Ride – C/D/E Groups

Event Details

There is plenty of free parking nearby, just south of the bike shop at CVS pharmacy or off of Cedros drive at the train station.

This week is the 3rd Saturday surprise ride so I have made a new route – We will start off heading north into Cardiff and then go East to Manchester/And El Camino Real, then through the middle of Encinitas and then….
if you want to know what comes next, you can download the route and come to the ride.

C/D/and E groups will be taking off at staggered times after A and B groups leave. We will leave around 8:00 AM. It’s a good idea to still get there around 7:45 or so to enjoy the coffee and pastries provided by Revolution.

C and D Route:
43 miles/3,000’

E Route:
25 miles/1,900’
This route will be tailored as needed by the group

• Please bring an extra tube, CO2 cartridge or hand pump, and enough fluid and snacks (suggestion: two bottles minimum for the longer rides, and two snacks).
•Helmets are always required, and we obey all traffic laws.
•Road bikes are required for these rides.
• While we do our best to keep these no drop rides, there are times when this is not feasible. If you cannot keep the minimum pace for the group you are with, wait for the group behind you.
•Also, if possible have the route loaded onto your GPS device.
• Speeds can vary depending on the route.

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