3rd Saturday Swamis surprise

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This week being the 3rd week of the month is our Swamis surprise – which is whatever random route I choose –
So this Saturday we will start off heading north on the coast and turn in at Lomas Santa Fe to go into RSF and do a little exploring – as always, it is roads we have been on but maybe in different ways. After wandering the roads of RSF for a while we head out of RSF and go into La Costa/Carlsbad where we then do more back road explores and eventually we make it through Carlsbad and back to the coast to enjoy the beautiful ocean view on our way back to REVOLUTION BIKE SHOP

**Also on the 3rd Saturday of each month we have a beginners ride,
in addition to our C/D/and E groups- see Swamis Team fun page or Swamis cycling, or meetup to get Beginner ride Info **

C and D groups
Check out my route :

E group
Check out my route:
34 miles/1,600’

if possible download the route or have a cue sheet,

as always ride safely no more then 2×2, don’t pass if it’s not safe, call things out in the road to those behind you, and stop at all stop signs and traffic lights.


We will be taking off at staggered times AFTER the faster Swami’s groups leave at 7:50.
We will leave around 8:00 It is probably a good idea to still get there around 7:45 or so, especially if you want to enjoy a snack pre-ride or load up on snacks or use the restroom at Revolution

NOTES: Please bring an extra tube, CO2 cartridge or hand pump, and enough fluid and snacks (suggestion: two bottles minimum for the longer rides, and two snacks).
*Helmets are always required, and we obey all traffic laws.
*Road bikes are required for these rides