LSD Ride + Padres Pedal the Cause Training Ride #2

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LSD Ride + PPtC Training Ride #2

  PLEASE READ THIS ABOUT ALL OUR RIDES:  Health guidelines are in place for group activities and are ever-changing. Cyclists who join our rides should be aware of these guidelines and be prepared to follow them:

  • We wear face coverings before and after rides or when less than 6 feet apart, even if we are vaccinated
  • We ride in pods of 12 or less based on anticipated average speed, each pod departing a few minutes apart, with the fastest pod leaving first
  • Each cyclist is responsible for following health and cycling safety guidelines, and for following road rules and traffic laws

At this time, there are no designated ride leaders. If at any time you don’t feel safe while riding, please feel empowered to leave the pod.

This second post-pandemic LSD ride is our second PPtC training ride. The route takes us through some of our favorite roads, known as “Vista twist,” to West Lilac and Jesmond Dene. Join us if you’re considering becoming part of the Swami’s Padres Pedal the Cause team. This ride is bound to make you stop thinking about it!  For added fun, we start and end at Rouleur Brewing… because we like it!

LSD stands for Long Steady Distance. That means steady pace, no surging.  Depending on how many of us we have, we’ll break up into smaller groups accordingly. Each group will regroup at key points when necessary, but must keep moving to maintain the overall pace.  Be prepared with the route so you can finish on your own in case you fall behind.  These are not no-drop rides.

The rest stop is the camp store at Old Hwy 395/Circle R

The route is 50 miles/3,300′

Those wishing for a little less climbing can skip West Lilac

Short Route:

Heads up! Training Ride #3 will take us through Camp Pendelton. Make sure you have a valid base pass by May 2.

There are no available restrooms at the start, so take care of business before you get there. Also, if you shorten the route, keep in mind that Rouleur opens at noon. If you don’t want to find the doors closed (always a disappointment!), consider starting later in the morning and riding with a friend.

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