LSD Ride: San Clemente (No rain)

Event Details

No rain in the forecast for this Sunday, so this will be Take Two of our San Clemente ride for February. We’ll turn around at the mini mart just past Cafe del Sol, after a brief refuel break (67 miles round trip) – Options to turn around at Las Pulgas or the campground.

Here’s the route:
* go west on La Costa
* turn right at PCH
* go until you get to San Clemente Mini Mart (or half tired)
* turn around & go back
* turn left at La Costa
* profit!

The goal is a steady state distance ride at B & C levels. That means staying in zone 2 on the flats & zone 3 on the little pitches … a conversation-paced ride. If you would like to break off & form a faster group (A & B level), that’s great.

Please don’t forget your base pass. Passes are available from the visitor center at the main/south entrance to Camp Pendleton. You will need a “Real ID” or US passport to get your base pass.

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