Monthly Hill Challenge – aka Sufferfest

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Event Details

On the fourth Saturday of each month, we work in a route meant to challenge your hill climbing ability. While these routes have a high degree of difficulty, they foster a great sense of camaraderie and engender a tremendous degree of satisfaction upon completion! (That may be a fancy way of saying, it kicks your butt, but you’ll have fun doing it with a great group, and feel a sense of accomplishment afterward).

We will be focusing on hill climbing form, and overall speed will be less of an issue since we will be recovering between hills. The general rules for designing these routes are as follows:

C route: >100 ft/mile. 40-50 miles. Speeds on flat <18.
D route: ~100 ft/mile. 30-40 miles. Speeds on flat <16.

Summary of the routes:
C and D routes
39 miles/3,200’