Pre-Vuelta Saturday ride (C, D, E)

Event Details

While not totally on the coast, we wanted Saturday’s ride to be easy and designed it to save your legs for the Sunday Vuelta route of your choice. We figured we’ll need to save our strength for that… and for the party that follows at Iron Fist.
We have C, D, and E rides this Saturday.

C and D groups will go inland on Manchester, ride briefly through RSF, hop onto the 56 bike path for a bit and get off at Black Mountain Road. From there, we’ll take Sorrento Valley back to the coast.
E group will head north to La Costa, go east and ride through RSF and Del Mar to Torrey Pines preserve, then return via the coast.

C and D route:
39.7mi / 2100ft

E route:
38.1mi / 1800ft

We will be taking off at staggered times AFTER the faster Swami’s groups leave. C group will leave around 8:00 AM, D group about 8:05 AM.
It is a good idea to get to Revolution around 7:45, especially if you want to enjoy a snack or coffee pre-ride or load up on gels at Revolution.

NOTES: Please bring an extra tube, CO2 cartridge or hand pump, and enough fluid and snacks (suggestion: two bottles minimum for the longer rides, and two snacks). Helmets are always required, and we obey all traffic laws.

**Road bikes are required for these rides**

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