Swamdo Training Ride #1

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This week kicks off our annual “Swamdo” training program. These more laid back Sunday rides offer a chance to explore unique routes and build your fitness over time in preparation for our big event on December 8 – and maybe make a few friends along the way. All Swamdo training rides will depart from Gelson’s in La Costa.

We’ll begin this week with a 47-mile ride. The group will head inland and follow the classic Swami’s Saturday Ride through Elfin Forest, but then take a diversion through the back streets of Escondido, over the Lake Hodges pedestrian bridge, through Rancho Bernardo, 4S Ranch, and finally winding back through Rancho Santa Fe to our finish at Gelson’s.

Route #1: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/30643331
47.2 miles, 3304′

PLEASE BE PREPARED WITH THE ROUTE. If you do not have a navigational-compatible bike computer, print the route from Ride with GPS.

Here’s the question on everyone’s mind: How fast is this ride?
Here’s the answer: It’s as fast or slow as you want it to be. In the past, we have had a mix of very fast riders along with newer riders, but mostly we have people in between. Some people missed their Saturday ride and have fresh legs, some people have tired legs. Somehow the ride works. The plan is to stick together for the first 5-7 miles, and then allow those that are looking for a faster workout to break off. Two or three groups will form, and people will look out for each other. But also, be ready to take care of yourself if need be: be prepared with the route, bring flat-fixing gear, and proper nutrition.

If you like to plan ahead, here is the full schedule of Sunday rides until our Swamdo event. Distance will increase by about 5 miles each week:
9/29 Swamdo training ride #1
10/6 Swami’s Swami’s Social Ride
10/13 Swamdo training ride #2
10/20 Swamdo training ride #3
10/27 Swamdo training ride #4
11/3 Swami’s Social Ride
11/10 Swamdo training ride #5
11/17 Rest weekend
11/24 Swamdo training ride #6
12/1 Swami’s Social Ride
12/8 Swamdo Event

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