Swamdo Training Ride #5 – 59 miles

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Get ready for some challenging East County climbs this week as we continue to build on our base routes, adding elevation and distance. Week 5 takes us east through Elfin Forest, and then north from the outskirts of Escondido to tackle the climbs on Jesmond Dene and Circle R.

Route #5:
59 miles, 4159′

We will gather afterward inside Gelson’s for snacks and beverages… did you know Gelson’s is one of our sponsors, AND boasts a bar and Peet’s inside? Come see how fun you didn’t know hanging out in a grocery store was.

PLEASE BE PREPARED WITH THE ROUTE. If you do not have a navigational-compatible garmin, print the route from Ride with GPS.

Here’s the question on everyone’s mind: How fast is this ride?

Here’s my answer: It’s as fast or slow as you want it to be. In the past, we have had a mix of very fast riders, along with newer riders, and mostly people in between. Somehow, this works – I always look forward to these rides as my favorite of the year. The plan is to stick together for the first 5-7 miles or so, and then allow those that are looking for a faster workout to break off. Smaller groups form, and people will look out for each other. But also be prepared to take care of yourself if need be: be prepared with the route, flat fixing gear, and nutrition. The plan is to have at least one sweeper, potentially more.

The routes will increase by about 5 miles each week, with some ‘off’ weeks for the October and November social rides. The remaining schedule:
10/21 – 60-65 miles
10/28 – 65-70 miles
11/4 – Swami’s Monthly Social (rest)
11/11 – 70-75 miles
11/18 – 75-80 miles
11/25 – break
12/2 – Swamdo Event
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The previous routes are listed here in case you are joining us later in the process or feel like you would prefer a shorter route Sunday.

Previous Routes:
Route #4:
51.5 miles, 3460′

Route #3:
47.2 miles, 3304′

Route #2:
41.3 miles, 3200′

Route #1:
36 miles, 2300′