Swami’s 2022 Kit Fit Night

Event Details

We are stoked to have a fabulous 2022 kit design by Eliel in the works!!! And we are doubly stoked to announce that we will be adding the option of El Capitan, Eliel’s newest aero fit. It is AMAZING. To this end, you simply must try it on before you order because it does not fit like the Rincon jersey or the Laguna Seca bibs. So, join us for an opportunity to try on El Capitan bibs and jerseys in men’s and women’s sizes.  Fit kits for our standard Laguna Seca and Rincon styles will also be available. Our order window will be opening very soon for delivery in January. Come over and be ready!

Charcuterie board and your first beer are on Swami’s!!🍻

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