Swami’s Poker Ride

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Event Details

The Poker Ride is here again! On Saturday, June 22, we will have our non-race up and down North County in pursuit of the best (or worst) poker hand, the most (or least) elevation, the best (or worst) team name, and more! Here are the details:

  • Registration is required. You can register here. The ride is free for current Swami’s members.
  • We start and end at Aviara Community Park, 6435 Ambrosia Lane, Carlsbad. We’ll be at the outlook.
  • Teams roll out as soon as all members are present and checked in. Check-in begins at 7:45 AM.
  • You need to be in a team of at least four riders. 
  • There will be five card stations, including the start, where each team will receive a playing card and the location of the next station. 
  • There are NO route sheets – each team figures out how to get to the next station.
  • There will be plenty of food and drinks at the end, but during the ride, make sure that you have enough nutrition for 50-60 miles. The stations will have water.

PS We are looking for volunteers! If you can help make the fun happen, contact Mark Steele at president@swamis.org.

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