World Famous Swami’s Saturday Ride – A/B Groups

Event Details

This event finished on 28 August 2021

This is the signature World Famous Swami’s Saturday Ride. Although it sometimes will take a slightly different route, more often than not, the ride follows the traditional route through Elfin Forest to Escondido then back along Del Dios and through Rancho Santa Fe to the coast (total distance ~40 miles).

As of November 19, 2022, the World Famous Swami’s Saturday A ride rolls out of Bird Rock Coffee at the Lumberyard in Encinitas at 8:10 AM.  B Ride rolls out at 8:14 AM. It continues at a steady, warm-up pace to La Costa Avenue, then turns east. The pace picks up after the groups turn on Elfin Forest. There are a few short sprints throughout the ride.

Which Ride is best for you?

The A Group – Is the fast and hard ride, and it will get faster and harder as racing season progresses. Is this ride right for you? Consider this before you slot in for the A Ride: If you can comfortably finish (at the church) at the Front of the B Ride AND take your fair share of pulls at the front of the B Ride, then you get to ride the A Ride. Also, if you got any hardware (medals) from States, Nationals, Olympics, Worlds (that you won legit, i.e. not winning the hardware by bidding on eBay), and/or make your living riding a bike really fast, you get to do the A Ride. You get the idea…

The B Group – Is still a fast, hard ride but, in contrast, it is more about what you make of the ride. If you ride at the front and take your share of the pulls through Elfin Forest, it will be a seriously hard and fast ride. If you can’t quite hang on to the riders on the front or just want to ride a little slower, then you will ride with other B riders and everyone will re-group at the church. In other words, if you’re “reconnecting” with your bike fitness or you want to ride at a pace less than full on OMG-this-hurts race pace, the B Ride is for you.

Whether you do the A Ride or the B Ride, please remember to ride two-by-two wherever possible, which means don’t ride 3 or 4 wide on the road. Be respectful to other motorists and pedestrians you encounter on the road. Thanks!

39.4 miles –

Why two rides?

Having two rides helps even out the gaps between rider fitness levels and gives each group a little more elbow room on the road.

There may not be a designated leader on this ride.

When deciding to participate in this ride you take on the communal responsibility for the safety of the ride.

Group Ride Tips

For all group rides, our biggest concern is that the rides are safe. The information listed here is basic information, which we all need to keep in mind ...

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