Gene Kelley Ride – A / B Groups

Event Details

February 25, 2020 6:30 am

Start Time: Gene Kelley Ride 6:30am

Start Location: NW corner of La Costa and El Camino Real, Carlsbad

A Ride Start Time

Leaves promptly at: 6:30 am.

B Ride Start Time

Leaves shortly after A Ride.

This pre-work leg burner is also known as the Gene Kelley ride for its founder who in the early days was hard pressed to find many to join him for dawn patrol. Now Gene has plenty of company as word has spread about this short (22 miles) but intense workout.

The ride departs on time from the NW corner of La Costa and El Camino (at this hour no one is in the mood to dilly dally in the morning chill). The tempo is brisk out La Costa and then north up the coast highway to downtown Carlsbad. There is a brief respite as the ride snakes its way east through Carlsbad and alongside the Buena Vista Lagoon. But after the lagoon, the ride turns south and the fun begins. There are several hills and four uphill sprints packed into the last eight miles of the ride as it winds south along El Camino, Cannon, Faraday, College, Aviara and Poinsetia. Mercifully the last mile is down hill along El Camino and into the Vons shopping center for coffee at La Costa Coffee.

If you get dropped or miss the start by a few minutes, there are several short cuts that will get you back on the ride, cutting across and heading east at Tamarack Drive, or Carlsbad Village Drive will get you back in touch with the group. Other route cutoffs are heading due east on Faraday to El Camino Real which cuts out the uphills of Aviara, and Poinsettia.

The Gene Kelley ride’s fast and furious pace isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so often a B-group of riders will let the front group roll off then start a minute or two later. The intent of the B-ride is to maintain a moderately fast tempo while focusing on riding a smooth paceline rather than beating the crap out of each other. The B-ride starts at the same location and time it just rolls out a little behind the A-ride.

Note that in the cold dark winter mornings a blinky taillight is recommended for improved visibility. Also note that for the first couple weeks of daylight savings the start time will shift to 6:45 so we are not starting in total darkness.

Typical Mileage: 22 miles (view route)

There may not be a designated leader on this ride.

When deciding to participate in this ride you take on the communal responsibility for the safety of the ride.

Group Ride Tips

For all group rides, our biggest concern is that the rides are safe. The information listed here is basic information, which we all need to keep in mind ...
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