Prescription for Speed

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Have you ever wondered how those skinny world tour sprinters generate such insane power at the end of races? Or have you ever wished that you could beat your riding buddies in that local sprint in the middle of your group ride? When it comes to producing big watts, building strength is key.

The best way to build strength is to lift weights… but that’s certainly not necessary to add a hundred more watts to your peak power.  We can incorporate strength-building into our training rides without buying a gym membership.

Next time you’re out on a Z2/Z3 ride, incorporate this short workout up to 2x per hour.  If you just have one hour to ride, then repeat this workout twice.


This is a prescription for speed!

It’ll help you build some of the raw strength required for quick attacks and fast sprints, and will also allow you to put out your max power for longer periods…which is essential if you want that KOM!


  • Shift into your fourth hardest gear(This means big ring in the front, and 3 empty sprockets at the bottom of your cassette).
  • Go hard (80-90% effort or 120-130% of FTP) for 90 seconds.
  • Shift to your third hardest gear.
  • Go hard for 90 seconds in this gear.
  • Shift to your second hardest gear.
  • Go hard for 90 seconds  – you can do this!
  • Shift to yourHARDEST GEAR!
  • Go hard for 90 seconds – last time!
  • Recover! Nice work. Spin easily (Z2) for 25-30 minutes before doing it again.


Note: This workout is best done on flat or slightly undulating terrain. Aim to maintain a cadence greater than 45 RPM the entire time.


Happy riding!

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