January 2017 Swami of the Quarter: Ryan Meskimen

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Every quarter we select an active Swami’s member who we feel best exemplifies the traits that set a positive example for others in the club. Besides recognition on all our SM platforms, the Swami of the Quarter also receives gifts from our estore and sponsors. I am proud to announce that Ryan Meskimen has been selected as our 4th quarter SOTQ.

Ryan’s “taking the bull by the horns” by stepping in as our Assistant Junior Team Coach was timely as well as very much appreciated. He has spent countless hours coordinating the Veloswap donations, scheduling training rides, working on the race calendar, and developing a Value Wheel, among many other tasks I am sure. And as is custom we asked him to sit down and answer a “few” questions…

Swami Of The Quarter Ryan Meskimen
Responds to the Vogue 73 Questions Interview format
With a rear view mirror twist making it:

37 Questions with Roving reporter Therese Nugent

1. What’s the 1st thing you do each morning?
Same thing any great cyclist does…make coffee!

2.What do you eat for breakfast?
I eat the same thing I have every day for over 10 years: Oatmeal and a yogurt.

3. What’s the best kind of yogurt?
Currently I am into Oikos Key Lime.

4. What is your first bike memory?
Riding my green 1973 Schwinn Stingray to the store in kindergarten to get milk for my mom.  Always had to bring the receipt.  Different times but oh so liberating!

5. What are some of your earliest cycling experiences?
Jumps.  Making ramps in the street.

6. How’d that go?
The bars on the Schwinn were terrible for jumps and would move quick when you landed.  Once we graduated to real BMX bikes in 1979 we would jump shopping carts.

7. How many carts could you jump?
Six was my best.

8. What is your favorite bike ride?
Riding up in the Santa Monica Mountains, but only because it’s closer than the Sierra Nevada and White Mountains.

9. How did you wind up joining the Swami’s Cycling team?
Within the first week of moving to California, I met Tom Nelson.  He invited me to join and I did.

10. How did you like it at first?
I was so slow and not very strong.  I didn’t do a group ride for the first year.  I still get dropped on most of the rides but I give it my all!

11. What is your current role on the Swami’s Cycling team?
I am the Assistant Coach for the Swami’s Junior cycling team.

12. What are some things you do to assist with the Junior team?
I coordinate the Veloswap donations, schedule training rides and work on the race calendar.

13. Fred commented on the Value Wheel, what is that?
The value wheels is a graphical representation of the values we hope to instill in our Junior Elite Athletes.  Along with our Mission and Vision, the program foundation is responsibility and respect where we build character through learning, teamwork, discipline, leadership, integrity, motivation and excellence.  You will see it on the website and social media soon.

14. Your Best bike?
My 2016 Lighthouse with Dura Ace Di2 and Enve 3.4 Wheels in black with Swami’s Blue accents.

15. If you could swap bikes with any Swami who would it be?
Anyone with a Speedvagen.  Not sure who has one.

16. What is the best cycling advice you’ve ever received?
15 more seconds.  When you think you are spent, count to 15 and then repeat…over…and…over…

17. What is your favorite phrase to say to your Junior squad?
Move with a sense of purpose.  I am sure it hasn’t caught on yet.

18. Ascent or descent? Ascending for sure.

19. What was your first job?
De-tasseled seed corn in the great state of Illinois.

20. Current job?
Medical Service Corps Officer in the U.S. Navy for the last 26 years

21. Why did you chose to be a a Medical Service Corps officer?
Because I knew for sure I didn’t want to work in the corn fields my whole life.

22. What other job would you like to try?
Custom fabricator or a lawyer.  Toss up!

23. What are your 3 most prized possessions?
1. When I joined the Navy, my best friend and I signed and swapped $2 bills.  That $2 bill means a lot to me.  I have had it for 25 years.  We are great friends to this day.
2. I have a box of letters sent from my Mom and friends long before emails.
3.  My wedding ring.  It’s a cheap gold band, but is a constant reminder that my family means more than all else.

24. One of your guilty pleasures?
Cake, any kind.  Lots of frosting.

25. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Faithful, thorough and competent.

26. Tell us something surprising about yourself.
I would really like to go to law school.  I think it would be a terrible return on investment to start law school at 49, but I think about it often.

27. Which famous cyclist would you want to be for a month
Andy Hampsten, June 1988.

28. What other competitive sports have you done?
BMX, Motocross, Motorcycle Roadracing

29. Favorite TV show:
Bitchin’ Rides.  Awesome fabricators that pay attention to every detail.

27. Favorite restaurant?
Green Dragon.  Tasty food and every time I have been, they have Latitude 33 Blood Orange on tap.

30. Weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?
Willingly?  Grasshoppers.

31. Favorite Band:
Pink Floyd

32. Do you have a secret hobby?
No. I Wish I did.  Cycling is too compulsive and takes a lot of time.

33. Cats or Dogs?

34. Best gift you’ve ever received?
My wife and daughters, once gave me a homemade coupon book for 10 guilt free rides.  It was awesome.

35. What is your favorite movie of all time?
In Harm’s Way or Cold Mountain

36. Do you have any cool nicknames?
Not anymore. When I raced motorcycles, I was Flyan Ryan, but nothing cool since.

37. What is the superpower you would like to possess?
Are you kidding me?  X-Ray vision!

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