Swami’s is a USA Cycling club with a strong racing tradition. As such, part of Swami’s mission is to support our racers at all levels. Swami’s has developed the following incentive and participation based plan to support our qualifying road, track, cyclocross and mountain bike racers. Please note this support is a target rather than a guarantee. Support for racers may be more or less as dictated by available club funds. For questions about the racing program or racing reimbursement, please contact Ryan Meskimen.

Swami’s Cycling Club Master’s/Seniors Racing Program 2021:


  1. 1 Kit + 1 Crash Replacement Kit (race crashes only) per racer.
    • Kit benefit provided as a “reimbursement” after meeting the requirements listed
  2. Race Entry Fee paid by you will be reimbursed after meeting the requirements
    listed below
  3. Bonus for podium place:
    1. 1st $100
    2. 2nd $75
    3. 3rd $50


  1. Active Swami’s Membership
  2. Complete approved Reimbursement Request Form, including receipts, for each race
  3. Complete race (DNS does not qualify)
  4. If seeking podium bonus: Provide proof of podium placement
  5. **For kit replacement: must complete at least 5 races in a season

Swami’s Would Like to Promote Your Achievement:

If you include any of the following in your reimbursement request, Swami’s would like to
promote your achievement to the club membership via Swami’s newsletter, website,
and/or Facebook page:

  1. Photos from race day of you in your kit, which could include on the podium, in the
    race, or warming up
  2. Race Recap
  3. Links to your social media post about your race (e.g., Instagram or Facebook)

Note: Cash payment subject to availability of club funds.