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The Feed is thrilled to be a 2022 sponsor for Swami’s Cycling Club. Thank you for the opportunity.

As a Guru member, you will receive $80 Feed credit per year to spend on top of the line sports nutrition, performance supplements and recovery gear.

We are passionate about helping people perform their best. Every athlete, every event and every sport is unique. For athletes seeking one-on-one guidance in their nutrition choices, an email or simple click or will enable customers to chat in real time with one of The Feed’s coaches to guide you through the process and fine tune your nutrition needs.

One of the things we find helps athletes most is having a variety of fuel to keep things fresh while participating in endurance events. We talk about nutrition fatigue which is the emotional connection between fueling and texture/taste tolerance. After a while, if you have been sucking down the same product, you can become resistant to it which is not ideal when you need to eat/drink and not bonk! Heat, high humidity, sun exposure, altitude and extreme cold are additional variables that can interfere with the best laid nutrition plans.

With over 250 brands, The Feed makes it easy to order what you already know works or try new things to ease any gastric issues. Freshness, flavor and single-serving product options allow you to pick the very best in hydration, fueling and recovery. Plus who wants to eat twelve bars of the same flavor! You can save money by just getting what you really want. If you are more of a stock pantry kind of person, then make a big one-time order. If you want to make sure you have the freshest stuff and mix up flavors and products, then choose a subscription and get the freshest products delivered every 4 weeks.

How it works:

Register once on the Swami’s club landing page and members will submit all orders through The Feed.

Upon registration, you will automatically receive $20 Feed credit in your account. Additional $20 Feed credit drops will occur every 90 days. Follow us and tag on Instagram @thefeedme and Facebook @thefeedme #thefeedme

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