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We are pleased to announce that the very capable, highly educated and extremely professional doctors from the San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center will be manning our Medical Booths at the 2014 Carlsbad Grand Prix. I know what you are thinking, “why do we need a medical staff at such a safe criterium course?” For a couple reasons; Drs Allen Richburg and Jeff Anthony, and their team are cool and fun to hang around. Plus they are cyclists too, so they like hanging around us. Secondly, the City of Carlsbad requires us to have medical personnel present. More than likely you won’t meet them unless you stop by their booth and say “Hi” as they may have some fun surprises for you.

San Diego Sports Medicine and Family Health Center (SDSM) started in 1980 with a vision to not only give excellent quality medical care, but to also allow patients to achieve optimum health and fitness. Health is much more than just absence of disease. The goal at SDSM is to not only treat diseases, manage injuries, but to also educate patients on how to realize their true potential. SDSM provides a wide variety of services, as well as board-certified, award winning physicians to accomplish this goal.

SDSM programs include:

Family Medicine
Sports Medicine
Physical Therapy
Nutritional Counseling
Personal Training
Pain Management
Preventive Medicine
Wellness Programs
Aquatic Therapy
Sports Event Coverage
Clinical Studies

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