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As most of you know, I’m a senior leader in a military healthcare organization responsible for more than 80,000 people.

Like Swami’s, most of my people are younger and fitter than the general population.  And, like you, for the past few months COVID-19 has been our priority and it has impacted almost ever every facet of our lives.

In my role, I see firsthand the latest trends and data from the pandemic.  Many of you have asked me about what I’ve seen, so allow me to share a few observations with you.



In our local counties, we’ve seen a tripling of COVID-19 cases in the last 3 weeks.  This has largely been due to a relaxing of self-discipline during Memorial Day weekend, Father’s Day and graduation celebrations.  Groups and gatherings spread the virus… avoid them.



This disease spreads because we stick our hands in our mouths and eyes!  Clean hands and face masks are amazingly effective in slowing its spread.  Carry hand sanitizer… and use it.  Wear a face mask.


Age & Health

Being younger and fitter does not make you less susceptible to the virus, but it might help lesson the severity of your infection.  The trouble is that even if you are young and fit, if infected you have a high likelihood of spreading COVID-19 to someone else who is more susceptible or compromised than you.  Please don’t be selfish.


What About Cycling?

If you missed our recent Facebook post, then I recommend you read the article in Bicycling Magazine, “Is It Safe to Ride in Groups Again?”  This is a rational, well-informed discussion — among medical experts — which I believe provides excellent guidance.

Bottom-Line:  We strongly believe riding in groups of 4 cyclists or less is the right choice for now.  Wear a mask or gaiter.  Keep your distance.


See you on the road,




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