President’s Corner


Hey, Gurus!

Swami’s cyclists… we’re known for our passion.

I now ask that you direct your passion to where it can make the greatest impact:

Help Your Neighbors.

Let’s continue to take care of each other. Reach out to those who might benefit from your generosity and personal attention.

Support Our Sponsors.

Cycling is built upon a foundation of countless small businesses & brands that, these days, are truly suffering.  Please support them.  Buy from them (if you can); or leave a positive review on their websites. We all want them to be in business when we return to riding together.

Don’t Ride in Groups.

Reiterating what the experts have told us (over and over!), please don’t ride in groups during this quarantine.  Reacquaint yourself with solo training.  It’s the right thing to do, and we should be setting a good example for the entire community… cyclists and non-riders alike.

Stay passionate about Swami’s Cycling and your commitment to an active, healthy lifestyle… We’ll be back together again soon.

All the best,

Ryan Meskimen
President, Swami’s Cycling Club



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Founded in 1989, Swami’s Cycling Club is one of the premier and most recognized clubs in southern California. We are composed of more than 300 male and female cyclists in the San Diego region who participate in the entire spectrum of cycling activities from the adrenalin-pumping action of racing to mountain bike and fitness rides.

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