Group Rides Are Back!

We follow all health and safety guidelines

Swami’s conducts several regular weekly fitness and training rides. No membership is required for joining our rides. All are welcome.

For more details and additional information on all rides, see the calendar.

Gene Kelley Ride (A/B/C Groups)

This pre-work leg burner is known as the Gene Kelley ride for its founder who, in the early days was hard pressed to find many to join him for dawn patrol. Now word has spread about this short but intense workout. The intent of the ride is to maintain a moderately fast tempo while focusing on riding a smooth paceline.

The ride departs from the NW corner of La Costa and El Camino Real. The tempo is brisk out La Costa and then north up Coast Highway to downtown Carlsbad. There is a brief respite as the ride snakes its way east through Carlsbad and alongside the Buena Vista Lagoon. But after the lagoon, the ride turns south and the fun begins. There are several hills and four uphill sprints packed into the last eight miles of the ride as it winds south along El Camino, Cannon, Faraday, College, Aviara and Poinsettia. Mercifully, the last mile is downhill along El Camino and into the Vons shopping center for coffee at La Costa Coffee. This ride has staggered start times. A group goes first. B group goes next. C group takes off a couple of minutes after B.

Details about the A Ride HERE
Details about B Ride HERE
Details about the C Ride HERE

The Saturday Ride (All Groups)

A/B groups usually follow the classic Elfin Forest/Del Dios Loop, also known as the “World Famous Swami’s Saturday Ride.” Beginning in Encinitas, this ride warms up along the 101 Coast Highway, heads inland to climb out to Elfin Forest Road, then follows rollers the rest of the way around the loop before returning for a finish along the coast.

Details about the A/B World Famous Swami’s Saturday Ride HERE

A second group of B riders plus C and D groups prefer more variety and mix up the classic World Famous Swami’s Saturday Ride with various routes that are announced mid-week. Distances are in the 40-50 mile range. These B/C/D rides regroup along the route to allow for differing speeds (B regroups are minimal), but stops are limited to keep the overall pace steady.

Details about the C/D Saturday rides HERE

The Wednesday “Worlds” Morning Ride (A Group)

One of Bicycling Magazines top ranked group rides, the Camp Pendleton ride rolls north through Pendleton to San Clemente where it turns around and heads back to Carlsbad. Out and back is 49 miles. The Pendleton ride has been described as one of the hardest flat rides you can do. So bring your A game and bring your DBIDS Recreational Bicyclist pass/credential to get onto the base.

Details about this ride HERE

FriDave Opener (A/B/C Groups)

A one-hour ride designed to get your legs ready for the world famous Swami’s Saturday Ride. The route is La Costa > Coast Hwy > Tamarack > Adams > Park > Kelly > El Camino Real > Cannon > Faraday (Opener) > Regroup > Coffee. The pace is B-group conversational until the one effort on Faraday. Then there’s time for a regroup before heading over for coffee.

Details about this ride HERE

LSD Ride (B/C Groups)

LSD stands for Long Slow Distance. Routes vary for these Sunday rides. The goal is a steady state distance ride at B/C group levels. That means staying in zone 2 on the flats & zone 3 on the climbs… in other words, it’s a conversation-paced ride!  Surging and attacking are highly frowned upon.   Depending on the route, a small group might turn around early or cut the ride short.  Rides start in Carlsbad. Typical distance is 60 miles.

Details about this ride HERE

Wednesday Hoppy Hour Ride (All Groups)

The Wednesday Hoppy Hour Ride happens in the longer days of spring and summer.  Plan for a 5:30 PM roll out for the most fun you’ll have all week. Groups form naturally based on pace. This ride is short but challenging. We manage to swing around some of the lesser traveled roads to give you the most pleasant ride we can at rush hour. And at the end, Swami’s treats members wearing their kits to a beer!

Details about this ride HERE

Friday Coffee Ride (C/D/E Groups)

This is the most relaxed ride we offer. The starting point is the Gelson’s Market parking lot in La Costa. We head north to Oceanside Harbor, then return to Revolution Roasters on Coast Highway for coffee. The route sticks to the coast (flattest ride we can do!). Open to any riders looking for an easy paced Friday ride to work out the kinks before the weekend. This is also a great opportunity to meet other Swami’s members, if you are new to the club and hesitant about joining on a Saturday. Typical distance is 20 miles.

Details about this ride HERE

Sunday Java Ride (All Groups)

Come out and meet your fellow club riders! This ride is open to anyone that is comfortable with the 30 mile distance, including non-members! You can expect a 2×2, conversational pace, no-drop road ride of approximately 33 miles with a great-big bunch of nice people that include our newest friends as well as our longest-standing members. The ride starts in Carlsbad. After the ride, Swami’s treats the group to coffee and pastry and many stay and chat until their behavior can no longer be rationally explained to a spouse (yep, some of us still try). Although social, the pace is unsuited to fatter tire bikes. Typical distance is 30 miles. The route is basically: Coffee shop > Faraday > Melrose > Bike Path > Coast HWY > Cannon > Faraday > Coffee shop

Details about this ride HERE