Special Club Announcement: We Have a New President

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Dear Gurus,

Your Board of Directors and Advisory Board met last Sunday evening. As a result of that meeting, we have some significant news to share with you.

Recently our club President, Fred Muir, was sworn in as a Police Officer in the Escondido Police Department. Fred has already begun work at the department and has just entered police academy training. As you can imagine, this is a big commitment for Fred and it will require the lion’s share of his energy and time. Due to this major life change, Fred has stepped down as Swami’s president.

The Board accepted Fred’s resignation with regret, but also with a tremendous amount of appreciation for all that he has accomplished during his tenure as President. We are also truly happy for Fred and his family as they go forth with his new career.

During Fred’s tenure as President, he:

  • Spearheaded the successful merger of Team Fun into Swami’s
  • Led our 4-year effort with the Carlsbad Grand Prix
  • Re-engaged with Nytro as our LBS
  • Increased club membership by 25%
  • Affected numerous sponsorship additions as well as maintained our longstanding sponsors (including EAS, Illy, Hyland’s, Estey Bomberger, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology, Kent Howard Dentistry, ZOCA, and Iron Fist)
  • Led or helped lead several new initiatives, including Swamdo, the Wednesday evening ride, our C to E rides, bike rodeos, skills clinics, Bike to Work Day, etc.
  • Introduced the special edition Coffee and Beer ride jerseys
  • Provided direction to our Junior Team, resulting in numerous victories and championships.

Please join us as we extend a grateful and heartfelt thank you to Mr. Fred Muir and all of his contributions to our Swami’s Cycling Club!

As we say good bye to Fred, we also wish to welcome and congratulate Heather Bruemmer as our new club President!!

As you all know, Heather was a founder of Team Fun and was instrumental with the transition of Team Fun into Swami’s. In addition, Heather has led and organized countless rides and spearheaded our club Gran Fondo (ie, Swamdo) for the past two years. Under Heather’s leadership, Swami’s has become a more diversified and welcoming cycling club that has helped Swami’s adapt, grow, and change into one of the foremost clubs in Southern California.

As a result of this change of leadership, your Board of Directors and Advisory Board have also changed.

Board of Directors:

  • Heather Bruemmer – President
  • Anthony de la Fuente – Secretary
  • Steve Ummel – CFO
  • Bryon Black – Membership
  • Tom Nelson – Junior Team Director
  • Matt Forsyth – Website
  • Jason Lee – Social Media

Advisory Board:

  • Fred Muir – Chairman Emeritus
  • Ryan Meskimen – Junior Team Director
  • Troy Huerta – Man about LA
  • Rob Klingensmith – Sponsorship
  • Janice Huang – Ride Leader

As always, your club is looking for Gurus who want to contribute their time and talents to our club. If you have an idea, want to take on a role, wish to volunteer, etc, we want to hear from you!!! Contact anyone on either Board with your input.

2017 has been a tremendous year for membership growth, new sponsorships, and new initiatives. We’re looking forward to continuing our momentum into 2018 and appreciate your continued participation and support.

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Founded in 1989, Swami’s Cycling Club is one of the premier and most recognized clubs in southern California. We are composed of more than 300 male and female cyclists in the San Diego region who participate in the entire spectrum of cycling activities from the adrenalin-pumping action of racing to mountain bike and fitness rides.

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