Staying the Course


Hey, Gurus!

Many of you know that I work on the front lines of the medical profession in my day job at Camp Pendleton, where I’m a healthcare administrator for the Medical Service Corps.

Looking Up

As I watch California and the U.S. methodically emerge from our weeks of isolation and physical distancing, I’m relieved that our local healthcare system has not been overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases.  That’s due, in large part, to your commitment to keeping family, friends and other Gurus safe. So thank you for that.

Although we’re making progress, I believe it’s extremely important that we continue to proceed with vigilance in our response to the pandemic.

Keep It Up

As such, Swami’s Cycling Club will stay on its present course — maintaining our suspension of group rides and activities — while looking to our County and State Government for direction.

We all miss our group rides and want to return to them as soon as possible.  But, trust me: you don’t want to get sick (or worse, be responsible for passing it to someone else).

We’ll continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis, and will communicate changes and updates to our club’s policy whenever appropriate.

Mask Up

In the meantime, please demonstrate your leadership by avoiding cycling in groups, and always riding with a Buff or face mask that can be pulled up when needed (e.g., when athletes back up at red lights, or at coffee shops after a ride).

I appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we brave COVID-19 as one safe cycling family and maintain our reputation as responsible cyclists in the communities we ride.

See you on the road….soon.


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  1. Judy Seid

    Thanks Ryan…riding solo or with just 1-2 friends. Riding safe, as always…see you out there!!