Swami’s is a USA Cycling club with a strong racing tradition. As such, part of Swami’s mission is to support our racers at all levels. Swami’s has developed the following incentive and participation based plan to support our qualifying road racers. For questions about the racing program or racing reimbursement, please contact Mark Steele.

Swami’s Cycling Club Racing Program 2024:


    1. Reimbursement for actual amounts incurred to for race entries.  Reimbursement is conditioned upon providing proof of race entry payment and proof of participation (for example, a photo of race results).
    2. Podium bonuses – Swami’s will pay $100 for placing first, $75 for placing second, and $50 for placing third in any sanctioned USA Cycling race. Payment is subject to proof of podium placement.
    3. Crash replacement – kits damaged or destroyed due to race crashes are eligible for free replacement kits (subject to availability).
    4. Priority – Race reimbursement is provided only for races sanctioned by USA Cycling. Other races will be considered for reimbursement but must be submitted for approval at least 30 days prior to that race’s respective race day.


    1. Active Swami’s Membership
    2. Complete approved Reimbursement Request Form, including receipts, for each race and e-mail to race@swami’s.org.
    3. Racers are required to race in the most recent Swami’s cycling kit. Require race report posting and photos on racer’s choice of Swami’s social media pages or provide Swami’s pictures to post. Agree to allow Swami’s to post or share images on social media platforms.
    4. Complete race (DNS/DNF does not qualify)
    5. If seeking podium bonus: Provide proof of podium placement
    6. For kit replacement: must complete at least five races in a season

Swami’s Would Like to Promote Your Achievement:

If you include any of the following in your reimbursement request, Swami’s would like to
promote your achievement to the club membership via Swami’s newsletter, website,
and/or Facebook page:

    1. Photos from race day of you in your kit, which could include on the podium, in the
      race, or warming up
    2. Race Recap
    3. Links to your social media post about your race (e.g., Instagram or Facebook)

Note: Cash payment subject to availability of club funds.