Swami’s Welcomes Spinergy

Swami’s is proud to announce its newest partnership with local manufacturer Spinergy Wheels.

Based in Carlsbad, Spinergy has a solution for all cyclists.


History in the Peloton

Spinergy burst onto the scene in the 1990’s with its famous Rev-X wheels ridden by pro tour superstars like Mario Cipollini, among others.

These days, Spinergy can be found at the head of the peloton in road, cross, gravel and mountain bike races.  Its innovative technology allows them to offer superior carbon and alloy wheel options at incredibly affordable prices.


Stronger than Steel

At the heart of every set of Spinergy wheels are its proprietary PBO spokes.

3x stronger than steel — but only half the weight — PBO spokes are the key to why Spinergy wheels are so tough, comfortable and light.


Exclusive Guru Deals

As the newest partner of Swami’s Cycling Club, Gurus will enjoy special discounts on all Spinergy wheels.

To take advantage of your incredible members-only deals (30% off MSRP or more!), follow these instructions:

  1. Visit www.spinergy.com
  2. Login with the User Name: swamis20
  3. Use the Password: PBOteam20! 


Special Events

In the very near future, we’ll be announcing organized gravel rides where club members may demo Spinergy’s products.  These events will be the perfect opportunity to get a feel for Spinergy wheels… and get a taste of the local gravel scene!



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