Swami’s + Zwift = Swift!

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After analyzing the responses from our recent survey, we were surprised to learn that more than 25% of Gurus are currently training on Zwift, and many more will be joining the platform soon.

Because the interest and participation in Zwift is so high, we’ve decided to experiment with a few Zwift rides for Swami’s members.

Our first such ride will take place this Saturday at 9:00am, and will be hosted by our own John Welch (aka Johnny Drama).


The route

For this inaugural event, you’ll cycle the classic “Big Loop” in Watopia.  It’s 42.4 km (26.3 miles) long with 2,234 ft of elevation gain.

John has enabled the “Keep Together” feature so that no one gets dropped.  That way, everyone can have the experience of riding as a pack without worrying about keeping up when someone drills it at the front!


How to Join

Of course, you’ll need to be a Zwift subscriber.

Although beyond the scope of this post, check out this article to learn the basics on how to get started.

Once on Zwift, joining Saturday’s ride is easy… just follow these steps:

  1. Edit your Zwift profile name to follow this format: “[your name] ~ Swami’s Cycling”.  That way John will know to grant you access.
  2. After editing your account name, request to follow “John Welch (Swami’s)” on Zwift.  Do this now so you don’t forget.  He will add you.
  3. Be ready to ride at 8:55am Saturday morning (it’s always wise to be ready and warmed up before the official start time!)



If you do join this Zwift meet-up, we want to hear how it went.  After the ride, please email your comments and suggestions to

Have fun!


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