Our goal as a group is to grow the positive vibe in the cycling community, with a specific focus on building support for the women’s cycling community.  We ride “for the love of the ride”, and whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, we have the riding group for you.  We love variety, adventure, and challenging each other to new accomplishments through support in a non-competitive environment.

Join us for our group rides.  We offer three guided group ride levels, and all rides regroup:

C group: Tempo-paced rides, 40-50 miles, with average speeds on flats >20 mph and average pace times over hilly routes >15 mph. Minimal stoppage times, less frequent regrouping.

D group: Endurance-paced rides, 40-50 miles, with average speeds on the flats in the 16-18 mph range with emphasis on building climbing skills, not necessarily hammering those hills. Set stoppage points to allow for differing speeds, but will be limited to keep the overall pace of the group.

E group (2nd & 4th Saturdays only): Shorter endurance-paced rides (30-40 miles) with average speeds in the 12-15 mph range with an overall emphasis on building riding skills: using your gears, pacing, riding safely in traffic. Re-grouping as necessary to allow for differing speeds, but will be limited to keep the overall pace of the group. You should be able ride 12 miles in one hour on your own before joining these rides. If you’re unsure, please start with the Beginner-3rd Saturday ride.

3rd Saturday Beginner ride: For cyclists who are new to riding or who are looking to get back out on the bike. This ride is approximately 20 miles long and can be shortened/lengthened depending on the group’s needs. This is a no-drop ride.

When Joining Us, Come Ready to Ride

This means your bike is in good working condition and you’re prepared to be self sufficient, which includes the following:

  • Tires are appropriately inflated
  • Bar tape is in good condition, not unravelling, and bar end plugs are intact
  • Chain is in good condition (no rust)
  • Gears and brakes are working properly
  • Wheels are straight and true (no broken spokes)
  • You have all tools and parts necessary to change a flat tire while out on the ride (tube(s), air, tire levers, etc.)

Connect with us:

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