The Great Western Loop

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Our previous GWL Ride might have become an urban legend. People talk about it to this day. Strava shows ride titles such as “The Coldest Ride Ever!” or “Now I Know Hypothermia” with all kinds of frozen-face and snow and rain emojis… And though it was freezing cold and it did hail, and rain, and freakishly snow on our shivering bodies, we survived… plus 2018 was a very long time ago!!!  We just KNOW that Saturday, May 21, 2022 is going to be G-R-E-A-T.  May is prime time for climbing in San Diego, and we’re going back to the Great Western Loop – Long miles on quiet and scenic roads.  Whether it’s your first time or it’s a do-over, this favorite route is one best enjoyed in the company of good friends.  This time around, we offer two route choices: the classic loop and an extended option with an out-and-back to Pine Valley.  Check out all the details here!

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