Time to Form Your Team!

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The Swami’s Poker Ride is happening on June 18! It’s unsanctioned, unmarshaled, unruly, and unbelievably fun!!!

“What is this Poker Ride,” you might ask. It’s played in teams of 4 or 5 riders. At the start, teams receive their first playing card and the location of the next station – Only there are no route sheets! Teams find their own way from one station to the next, where they get their card and the location of the next station is revealed.  It’s up to each team to figure out how they’ll get there. All stations are in north county. There are five stations in all and pretty much only one rule: The entire team must start together, ride in to the card stations together, and arrive at the finish together… and no, e-bikes are not allowed. Expect 50-60 miles.

At the finish, there is beer involved (of course!)… awards and fabulous prizes for all kinds of winners… and a catered lunch.  Need we say more?

Registration is a must. Learn more about the Poker Ride and register here! ♠️♥️♣️♦️

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