Update on First 2018 Clothing Order

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This clothing update is for those of you that did not receive your full Zoca order in early January. We will be coming out VERY soon with information regarding a second Zoca order window – stay tuned!

GLOVES – I have been informed by Zoca that the gloves shipped out from Italy on Monday, 1/29. If all goes as planned, they should ship them out to members by Wednesday 2/7. If you selected “Pick up” when you ordered, then you will have to pick them up at the Zoca office.

ITEMS THAT DID NOT MEET MINIMUMS – Zoca graciously decided to produce all order items that did not meet minimums. For those that selected to have items shipped, you most likely have already received your order. For those that selected “Pick up”, your order is ready for pick up at the Zoca office.

SOCKS – As a reminder, socks ordered in the 1st order window are available for pickup at Nytro. We have plenty of socks leftover, so if you have seen the cool blue socks and are now wishing you had some, do not dismay! They can be yours!

Information about the next order window will be available in the next few days.

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